Danielle Hanken Web Designer Chicago
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You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!
Dr. Seuss

Web Strategist

Danielle Hanken’s super power is translating a business’s needs to technical requirements that accomplish our clients’ goals. Her attention to detail and her passion for efficiency are the things that make her a killer developer. She truly loves getting in the programming zone and finding creative solutions to the unique challenges that arise in web design. Her fuel? Classic 80s jams.

Danielle has a degree in computer science and started her career as a Systems Lead at a Fortune 500 company. She went on to help build several successful startups in the digital world. But her favorite place to be is at the intersection of business owners and web development, ensuring that they get a beautiful website that they love and understand how to manage.

As a lifelong OPRF resident, Danielle has a lot of love for her hometown. But she can’t function unless she has an upcoming trip on the books. If she won the lottery, she’d open a wildlife sanctuary and take in every stray animal that crosses her path. But for now, she enjoys hanging with her daughter and their dog, Brix.

Fun Facts

Plays the Drums
Wins Radio Concert Tickets All the Time

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