Director of Business Development @ Digital Third Coast

I accidentally started my career in sales at 18 when I walked into a motorcycle dealership looking for receptionist work for the summer. They asked me if I owned a pair of jeans (I’d worn a suit to go door-to-door job hunting) and I was hired as a commission-based salesperson. Having grown up in a motorcycle family, I loved riding, and my Dad had always told me you only needed two things to be successful in sales: 1) A love for and absolute belief in your product, and 2) An interest in talking to people. He was right. After college, I moved into full time selling, working in technical staffing at first and then fleet management. Every client I met, whether I was selling them an IT consultant or cars, had the same goal: Increase Revenue. As a salesperson, I was always trying to find the most effective ways to do this – and that’s how I stumbled into search engine optimization.