6 Signs You Need a Website Redesign: Part 1

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Over the past decade, we've built websites that do just about everything you can imagine and throughout these projects, we've had the opportunity to listen to our clients' needs in-depth. Many of our clients have come to us with a current website already in place and would share their problems with us. In this 2 Part series, we're exploring some of the most common problems that drive businesses to consider a website redesign. In our experience the needs are:

  1. Better Support with the Website
  2. An Efficient Way to Manage Content
  3. A Website that can Scale
  4. A Website with a Modern Design
  5. The Ability to Engage with their Audience
  6. A Tool that can Help Bring in New Business

Part 1 of this series covers issues 1-3 that are technical and specific; Part 2 covers broader issues like 4-6 that involve your brand, marketing strategy, and sales process.

How do you know if you need a web redesign?

1. You Need More Web Support

You may have this problem if your business has been growing, and it has started to outgrow your website. Perhaps your original site was meant to be a simple online brochure, but now you want to publish continuing content.

Here are some common situations that drive the need for more web support:

  • Your site was built in-house (or in-family) and your needs have outgrown their capabilities
  • Your current web partner is non-responsive or can't provide timely support
  • Web standards have changed and your site no longer complies with best practices

We've encountered some of these needs with our own clients, too. Here's what we learned when redesigning a website for Cooney & Conway, a national leader in asbestos and mass tort litigation:

“We had a website that had not been updated in several years, and it was very antiquated. It wasn’t functioning properly.”

2. You Need Efficient Content Management

If you already have a content manageable website, you may be struggling to update content on a regular basis. Your website might be difficult to update, or you may find yourself doing double duty, updating the same content over and over again in different places on your site.

Here are some common situations that drive the need for an improved content management system:

  • You have to update one piece of content in several locations on your site
  • You never received training or support materials to manage content
  • You have a complex process you have to go through to make content changes

Our clients have come to us with these problems, and we've helped resolve these issues. When redesigning a website for Olivet Nazarene Univeristy, a top Christian Graduate School, we discovered that easy content management was a top priority:

“Just being able to edit content without having to work through some of the other channels that we had to in the past, would be a huge improvement.”

3. You Need A Website That Scales

A flexible website will grow with you, as your business grows. A well-designed CMS should be scalable, built to expand as your business needs evolve. Clients with this issue usually feel like their organization is evolving and the website can’t keep up. This also includes the relatively recent need for mobile responsive websites, which display properly across a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Here are some signs that you need a more flexible website:

  • You need to add new pages, or functionality - but can't, even with the help of your web partner
  • You have multiple people working in the site and struggle to manage content governance
  • Your website does not display properly on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets

When redesigning a website for Idealease, Inc., an international truck leasing company, we discovered that they were suffering from a lack of flexibility in their site. Specifically, they needed to add new store locations every week:

“We needed to add a couple of improvements to the website, like our location finder and careers section.”


Does this sound like you? If so, we'd be happy to talk with you about some of the challenges you've been facing - let's make contact!

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