6 Signs You Need a Website Redesign: Part 2

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Welcome back to Part 2 of our series, "6 Signs You Need a Wesbite Redesign."

In Part 1, we covered three common technical problems that motivate a web redesign. In this final post we'll look at three common marketing problems that drive a web redesign. We'll examine:

  • Your website look and feel
  • Your need for user engagement
  • Your website lead generation strategy

You Need A Design Refresh

Sometimes you just need a face lift. If your website has been around for 4-5 years without any updates, there's a good chance that it's starting to look a little outdated. But the need to update your look and feel can be symptomatic of a deeper problem. If you've gone that long without an update, it's likely that you've had some changes in your brand positioning, messaging, and offerings - and it's also likely that these changes aren't reflected in your website design. And while your prospective clients may not have time to stop by your office or read your updated print brochures, they'll probably take a minute to check out your website.

At EDUCO we take a holistic approach to design. Design is more than just look and feel - it's a process by which we build an interactive product that's meant to be used. So, in the process of redesigning a website's look and feel, we dive deeply into the business decisions that motivated this change. Here are some common client situations that motivate a new design:

  • You’ve changed your brand or messaging, or you are going through the process now
  • Your site doesn't function properly on modern browsing devices (i.e., mobile and tablet compatibility)
  • Your site has outdated information about your business (especially if it's not Content Manageable)
  • You’re embarrassed whengiving out the company URL

When redesigning a website for Aldera we discovered that they were struggling with an outdated website.

“We had a website, but it was only about 10 pages. It wasn’t worth ever sending anyone to. The first phase, and the most important part, was building a functional website that was attractive.”

You Need To Engage With Your Audience

Clients who present with this as a concern usually want to better cultivate their relationship with their users via their website. This is especially common if your site was built 4-5 years or before, when social engagement and user experience were emerging concepts in the tech community. As social media and UX have become general market trends, marketers need to think differently about the function of a website. Your website is more than just an online brochure - it's an opportuntiy to build a relationship with your target users. Your specific strategy for user engagement will differ based on your needs, but a common thread is the need for frequent, relevant web content.

Here are some common situations that drive the need for user-focused site:

  • Your website makes it difficult for visitors to find information
  • Your website was built with your company and team members in mind, but not your users
  • Can’t provide a relationship between different types of connected content

We've encountered some of these needs when we worked on a redesign and development for Cobra Electronics.

“Historically, our website was a product category, product-focused site, and we wanted to move more towards a user site, user group or market lifestyle type of direction. We needed a way that was easy for our consumers to not only view our product and get more information, but [find] where to buy our product, whether it be online from us or through our Cobra select partners or our authorized retailers.”

You Need To Increase Your Pipeline

This need can be controversial, even polarizing, depending on your organization. Some companies clearly see that they want to generate leads through the website and feed the top of their sales funnel. In other cases, there is an internal struggle within the organization - especially in the B2B space, we occasionally hear "we'll never generate leads from your website!"

We understand the sentiment, but at EDUCO, we're a team of web scientists, and we love to experiment. We believe that just because you can't see something now, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Some organizations may never generate leads online - but in our experience, most can. The only way to be certain is through preliminary research into your site metrics, search keywords, and industry search volume. Often, increasing the number of leads through their website is simply a positive result of building a site that is designed for users.

Here are some common situations that drive the need for a site to generate new business oportunities:

  • You have no clear call to action
  • Your website was built without any revenue goals in mind
  • Your sales team wasn't involved in the website planning

When redesigning a website for Cooney & Conway we learned that generating and tracking new business was critical:

“We wanted to increase our ability to obtain client leads through the site.”


Does your site need to be redesigned? If you can identify with any of the above mentioned issues that is a good indication that you’re experiencing some digital pain. The real tell will be whether or not you can tie any of these pain points to lost revenue. If the pain is to great, it might be time for a chat.

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