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Marketing trends change faster than the Chicago weather in the spring. But one thing that’s totally trend-proof is the power of stories.

If you think about it, every hot, new marketing craze is really just another way to tell your brand’s story. And we think it’s high time we started helping you tell yours across the web.  

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

As website strategists and developers, we’ve been focusing on telling companies’ stories and measuring the outputs for the last 12 years. After all, your website is the central hub of your brand.

Measuring a website’s performance has given us first hand insight into the kind of content that can connect, engage and convert. So, it seemed only right to share that insight with our clients by creating content that we know is effective.

We also hear from a lot of businesses that just plain struggle with handling content management internally. Put simply, it’s a beast! If marketing isn’t your area of expertise, it can be incredibly challenging to know where to put your energies. And when it’s just one internal team member’s responsibility, it tends to get pushed to the bottom of a long list of priorities.

That all changes when you hire someone to take over. For us, managing our clients’ content is our #1 priority. No matter how crazy things get around your office, you can rest assured that we’ll keep chugging along with your content strategy and promotion calendar. The rest of the world doesn’t need to know you’re too swamped to update the Facebook page, right?

How We Can Help

For most modern businesses, the website is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. Most of the other pieces of content marketing fall under the umbrella of content strategy or execution and we can help:

  • Bring brand consistency to your social media accounts
  • Regular social media management 
  • Optimize your content to rank in search
  • Create central resource for your thought leadership
  • Create a regular email newsletter to keep in touch with clients
  • Create content that is designed to convert prospects into new opportunities
  • Create custom video and photography that is on brand

These are just a few of the areas we can help companies to tell a more robust and engaging story online. The whole idea behind content marketing is to create content that not only expresses your brand, but provides legitimate value to your followers.

With every Tweet, blog and Instagram photo, you’re bringing your business to life for consumers who want to really know you before making a purchasing decision. And even the best businesses sometimes need help to get it right.

Thanks to our awesome, new team members, we can now provide our clients with these valuable content marketing services. Personally, we’re incredibly psyched about this because it means that our work doesn’t stop with a company’s website.

Managing other parts of their online presence allows us to ensure continuity and brand consistency across the web. Plus, we know it’s easier for our clients to have a one-stop, digital shop that can take care of everything instead of piecing together services from multiple providers.

Why Now?

We’ve actually been building to this for a while now, but we wanted to put all the pieces in place before the official announcement. If staying abreast of best website practices for the last decade has taught us anything it’s that content is king and it merits a lot more thought than many web developers devote to it. Adding this service is an important part of an exciting, EDUCO rebranding that’s in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more on that soon!

If we can help support you in any of these areas or just fill in some gaps we'd love to hear from you! Even if you just want to rap about content for a bit (what’s working, what’s hard, what you’re missing), we’re game. We always love talking shop and getting insight that helps our clients and us grow.

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