Tandemodus a Branding & Web Design Firm Merges

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Tandemodus is now part of Multiple.

The Tandemodus group specialized in strategic design and web development services in the Chicagoland area. Founded by Andy Eltzroth and Kelly Komp in 2006. Tandemodus was a team of less than 10 employees at the time they formed Multiple.

At the time of the merger the Chicago strategic design firm was over 7 years old old.

We wish the folks at Multiple much success in their new venture.

If you're looking for other strategic web design teams in Chicago here is a round up of the Top Web Design Agencies in Chicago that compares them by team size, hourly rate, average project price, and number of projects completed.

If you have questions about the merger or need to get in touch with Andy or Kelly, the founders of the Tandemodus, you can reach them through:

If you need any additional help we'd love to hear from you.

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