Can #ICON14 Help You Select a Marketing Automation Platform?

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Last week we attended #ICON2014 to learn a little more about Infusionsoft. We've worked on our fair share of marketing automation builds, but we really wanted to know more about users and their experience with Infusionsoft. Fortunately, during #ICON14, we had the opportunity to meet many Infusionsoft users and learn about their experiences with the product.

We were especially interested in users who used the software to achieve:

  • More consistent sales growth
  • A managed sales process
  • A more nurturing, supportive approach to business relationships

On these points, we discovered that Infusionsoft is comparable to its competitors, but it's not really a 1 to 1 comparison. We heard many of the same success stories, challenges, experiences that we've shared with our clients during similar implementations. In some sense, everybody is speaking the same language — digital marketing is everywhere. So what makes Infusionsoft stand out?

We found that the best way to evaluate our options was to consider

  • What's the scale of our business?
  • What's our appetite for learning something new?

On these points, Infusionsoft stands out from the crowd. We are a small agency that's always interested in learning new things. Many of our clients, in contrast, are large organizations - our projects with them involve lengthy implementations and teams of third-party partners. In our experience, most enterprise-level marketing automation has been great for their needs; 

However, in reality, our business is quite different than theirs (and this is a good thing for our partnership). Talking to users at #ICON2014, we met a handful of businesses that look a lot more like us — small, focused groups who need to solve big, complex problems.

Ok, so, if you're considering marketing automation software, where does your business fit in?

What's your company size?

Small Organizations

Small businesses usually need marketing software that serves a wide range of possible purposes. If you're a small business looking at software to grow, one of the key components is flexibility. Since Infusionsoft includes CRM and task management functionality out of the box, it's a good option for users who need multi-purpose marketing software.

Large Organizations

Large companies often need highly specific software that performs a specialized task — communicating with other software is a high priority as well. They typically seek marketing software that "plays well with others," and in this case, Hubspot or Pardot may be the preferred choice.

What's your appetite for learning?

Small Organizations

Small companies are more likely to adopt cutting-edge software, since the cost of implementation can be lower and the impact of the failure may be less intense. But if your goal is cost savings, it's worth it to note that marketing automation software comes with a considerable implementation expense (money & time) up front. Small businesses who decide to invest in this software are looking to do more with less. In this respect, Infusionsoft is especially interesting. While it's core functionality is marketing automation, it also provides respectable, integrated resources for:

  • CRM and relationship management
  • Task management
  • Scheduling
  • Streamlining Internal Communication (checklists, forms, etc)

Some of these functions are in beta, and they don't all work perfectly, but they work. Also, keep in mind that if you want to extend the capabilities of the software, and you don't have technical expertise, you may need to hire an implementation partner.

Large Organizations

Large compnanies don't really benefit from these fringe functionalities, because they already have dedicated software for CRM and project management. They often have more rigorous eCommerce requirements, such as SAP integration, which requires a more developed, enterprise-level CRM solution, such as Salesforce.

What's right for you?

Before you select a marketing automation partner, carefully consider how you plan to use the software in your business. If you have other digital partners, such as a web design agency or search marketing company, be sure to consult them as well — this due diligence is a key part of any new software implementation and will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Regardless of the software you choose, it's important to make a commitment to generating content. #ICON14 offered great insight on this, too  you can learn more about it in our Top 3 #ICON14 Insights You Can Apply to Your Web Content StrategyIf you're interested in learning more about Infusionsoft, we recommend contacting:

  • Jeremiah Sarkett - Jeremiah is on the Executive Sales team, is incredibly helpful and an all round great resource

I would highly recommend reaching out to him. Want to learn more about executing a marketing automation plan on your website? We have some case studies and experiences we'd be happy to share... let's make contact!

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