What Do the New Facebook Pages Mean to Your Business?

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Your business is expanding but you find yourself needing to spawn more buzz, connect with clients faster and engage new consumers. Having a Facebook page for your business is the perfect marketing tool and with the new Facebook updates networking is even easier and more effective. I’ll explain new Facebook redesign and how you can use it to move your business forward.  If you don’t have a Facebook business page, you need to acquire one pronto, with 500 million Facebook users this is an imperative step towards creating an online footprint for your business.

The most obvious of the changes occurs on the business’ home page. The clunky, crowded tabs have moved from the top of the page to the left hand side of the page. This allows for longer tab names, a cleaner look and new icons that identify what program the tab is running.  One exciting change, because of all the potential it poses, is the 5 picture strip that runs along the top of the page. This strip includes the last 5 pictures that the administrator uploaded. With these changes brings so many possibilities from displaying pictures of company events, quickly introducing new products, and even customizing your page since you are allowed the option to exclude any pictures

Logging in as your business’ page instead of as an administrator is also a change that this update has introduced. With the admin setting, instead if logging in as a person, you can log in as your brand and comment and like other pages as your product. This allows for your page to be more interactive than previously. Other admin settings include a profanity blocker; this keeps your page clean and more family friendly. Administrators can pick keywords to be monitored, and posts that are caught by the block will be held for review and approval before they can go live. The largest portion of your page, the Wall (where you and your fans converse and share) will now offer another setting, ‘Everyone’. The previous setting ‘Page post’ only displayed posts made by the administrators while the ‘Everyone’ setting allows fans to post alongside the page officials. Facebook has set up a system of determining the most relevant posts by how much the post is liked and commented on, thus highlighting the most relevant and buzzed about posts on your page.

‘Sponsored stories’ are a new advertising format that we truly feel connects Facebook users with products instantly. Instead of FB users seeing the typical list of ads on the right hand side of their pages, they are now seeing ‘sponsored stories’, a form of ad that shares the places your friends have checked in to (i.e. restaurants, events, shops), pages that your friends have ‘liked’ and applications that your Facebook friends have used. This leads to increased visibility of your product or brand generated by the people your fans trust the most, their friends and family.

If you are reading this, chances are you already have your business page created and you have successfully introduced your business to the world. If you haven’t, it’s not too late. Let’s start by setting up your business’s page:

  1. Start off by going to www.facebook.com and clicking the create page button
  2. Add your details. Choose whether you are a local business, brand, product, etc and then name your page (make sure you choose carefully as once you choose your name you will not be able to change your mind)
  3. Read the agreement and click the box acknowledging that you are the official representative of your business

Keep in mind that starting your business page is only half the work – maintaining and managing your page is extremely important.

Next we need to create your unique username or vanity URL (customized web address). Giving your business page a vanity URL personalizes your page and ups the level of professionalism. Your FB vanity URL is linked to your username making it easy to remember and therefore easier to find.

  1. Go to www.facebook.com/username and sign in
  2. Choose from the usernames provided or create your own (again make sure you choose wisely and spell correctly, you can’t change it once you set your user name)

There is no doubt that Facebook has put tremendous thought into how people will use the new business pages. This new update gives your company the opportunity to reach new customers through inventive concepts, now it’s up to you to seize them.

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