6 Considerations When Starting a Blog

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Here are some tips for those looking to start a corporate blog.

Corporate blogs are the new faces of business. Customers, employees, and those interested in a particular company or field of business are constantly looking for information. A corporate blog can help to not only increase one’s ranking by driving traffic to the business’s site but also provide genuine insights and fresh perspectives about hot topics in an industry.

Creating a corporate blog is an excellent way for companies to not only build rapport with clients but also to keep employees abreast of what’s going on. When starting a blog there are some definite things you’ll want to consider to make sure that you hit the ground running.

Select the Right Blog Software

When laying the foundation for your blog be sure and pick the best blogging platform. You might also want to consider having a custom blog designed to help you stand out. WordPress, Typepad, or Blogspot are the top three in their field.

Host Your Blog Directly on Your Domain

Make sure that your blog is a sub page on the corporation’s website. The goal of you blog is to generate traffic to your Website and if you host your blog on another domain other than your website’s URL you will be dividing your efforts and you will miss out on a lot of traffic.

Go Beyond Text in Your Posts

Blogs that contain nothing but line after line of text are more difficult to read and less interesting. Consider offering images, infographics, interactive elements, the occasional multimedia content and some clever charts & graphs.

Always Think About Your Brand

Remember that your brand is more than your logo. Your brand is how people perceive your business, how you engage and interact with people online and offline, etc. So make sure that you are building an image that people will want to associate with and that people feel they get value from being a subscriber of.

Designate an Editor

Corporate blogs flourish when they have an editor(s) to monitor and ensure blog posts pass whatever standards the company has set. It should be someone who’s a well-respected thought leader as that person will ultimately attract readers.

Create Fun, Interesting Content

This is quite possibly the most important and also probably the most over looked. Keep in mind that at when you decide to start a blog the content is going to need some serious help. To help this the best thing you can do is read other successful blogs. Here is one that is particularly helpful called CopyBlogger. This blog is all about writing great copy and developing a blog that engages visitors.

Also might want to check out this great article from CopyBlogger called “Warning Signs that your Content Sucks”.

What have you found to be effective for your companies blog?

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