Chicago Female & Minority Web Design Consultant | Lindsay Miller
There’s plenty to do. My Grandpa, Joe

Support Operations Manager

Lindsay loves challenges and thinking outside of the box.  After 10 years of working in television, film and media production she has had many opportunities to marry her passion with her work. Whether developing a plan for a movie premiere, coordinating the logistics of a 2,500 lb delivery of cheese, or running the day-to-day operations of a production studio, she approaches each task methodically and with curiosity.

As a Support and Enhancement Strategist, Lindsay will be the first point of contact for all web support needs. She will work with the development team to address your website maintenance work requests quickly and efficiently. She is used to sussing out problems and streamlining processes in a variety of different disciplines. No question or problem is too big, too small or too weird for her to tackle with gusto.

When Lindsay isn't smoothing out project wrinkles she's probably somewhere with her nose in a good book.

Fun Facts

Voice Over Actress
Never Had a Scone

Lindsay Wants to Learn

Swiss Army Knife
Apocalypse Survival Skills