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Telling your story with visual content is one thing. Making your audience feel something is another. We’re here to help you achieve both. Our easy-going yet professional and imaginative team will help bring your vision to life with high-quality visual content that delivers clear, impactful messaging.

Together we will find the most creative way to tell your story visually and effectively, whether with professional photography, stunning cinematic video, or some combination of both. In the end, we will deliver a standout final product that strikes an emotional connection with your target audience and drives measurable success.

EDUCO Photo Services - Smile at the Camera

Our Video & Photo Services

Headshot Photography

  • Onsite & in-studio sessions
  • Background and set staging selection 
  • Professional image processing and retouching 

Location Production

  • Location scouting
  • Aerial photography and video
  • Retouching and revisions 


  • Creative direction
  • Script development and collaboration 
  • Single and multi-camera setups
  • Video editing and revisions

Corporate Events

  • Scalable production team 
  • Live images for social posting 
  • Have gear, will travel


  • Technical requirements overview 
  • Multi-camera 
  • Live broadcast team

Product Shots

  • Individual and group product shots 
  • Lifestyle shots 
  • Packaging shots 

Corporate Videos

  • Messaging consultation 
  • Customized for video platforms 
  • Script consultation 


Video Demo Reel

From active construction sites to organizations solving homeless in Chicago and in San Francisco.  So grateful to all our amazing clients for letting us help them tell their stories.

Our Work

A Website as Solid as The Structures You Build

McHugh Concrete

Helping Chicago's Largest Construction Company Tell Their Story Online

Power Construction

Joining a Local Nonprofit's Mission To End Homelessness

Housing Forward

Trust us, we're professionals ^_~

What to Expect Working with Us


So you’d like to step up your game with some awesome visual content? Well, consider us your close collaborators as we first meet to discuss your vision and offer creative insight from an outside perspective. 

As the production arm of EDUCO, we can do anything from getting run and gun video footage at a working construction site, capturing aerial footage via helicopter, or running a full in-studio production. No matter what it is, we will provide stylish photography and stunning cinematic video to make your vision a reality that fits your budget, timeline, and goals.


The plan is set, and now it’s shooting day. It’s truly our favorite thing because (as cliche as it sounds) this is where the magic happens as we put all our creativity to work. Our friendly production team will take great care in making things run as smoothly as possible and make you feel as comfortable as possible should you find yourself on the receiving in front of the cameras.

A properly run production experience allows us to capture everything we need to tell your story and more, taking advantage of anything that comes our way. If we’ve done our job, you’ll wonder where the day went and even have some fun.


You’ve planned and shot the thing, but now it’s time to craft it so it does what you want – deliver a clear message while making your target audience feel all the things. Don’t worry; we’ve done this before. Through meticulous editing, sound design, music, and color grading, we will strike the right balance of tone and style for your brand.

When it comes to workflow, we pride ourselves on being straightforward and collaborative, making for open communication and an efficient post-production process that fits your needs. Do you need any graphics, animation, closed captioning, or subtitles? Not a problem. We will help put all the necessary pieces together in a professional, engaging, and cohesive way. This way, we deliver an impressive final product that’s on time, fits your specifications, delivers your brand message, and—most importantly—has heart.

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