A digital design firm that draws out your potential

EDUCO [e • joo • koh] - is the Latin root of the word educate meaning "To draw out or develop from within"

Founded in 2007, we've completed over 450+ web design and digital marketing projects. Whether we're planning and executing a complex Drupal web development project or helping you increase your traffic, our first step is to educe (there's that latin root again!) the needs of your organization and your audience. Our digital design and marketing firm produces goal-oriented websites that are as measurable as they are visually appealing because we take a very strategic approach to the development process. Our professional team of digital marketers loves using creativity, technology, and metrics to build scalable, measurable, and content manageable sales tools.


Marty Vernon

Co-founder/Strategic Director

Marty Vernon is the co-founder of EDUCO. He believes that it is only through sharing our own knowledge and expertise to help others on their path that we find our own way. That means SEO consulting and the Open Source Web community jive perfectly with his values. He heads up all operations and strategic efforts for EDUCO and helps connect our talented team with our cool clients.

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Marty Vernon Analytics Certified

Chris Mickens

Co-founder/Creative Director

As Creative Director, our magical unicorn Chris oversees the design and user experience of all EDUCO projects. She has been developing websites for the past 15 years, and if you ask her, she's been pretty good at it for about 6. Chris approaches development and troubleshooting with the tenacity of a bulldog, but manages to interface with the technically disinclined without the bark and bite — we're working on the slobber.

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Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder

Olu Adeyanju

Director of Web Development

Olu has been actively involved with web design and development since he was in middle school. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and spent 6 years practicing as an architectural designer before turning to his lifelong passion for web development. Olu specializes in WordPress, Drupal, and PHP but he considers his ability to adapt and constantly expand his knowledge to be his greatest asset.

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Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder
Curt Rochon

Curt Rochon

Production Manager
Curt Rochon

As Production Manager, Curt helps drive and collaborate with our strategy, design and development teams to ensure the successful execution of all EDUCO projects. Curt has been working as a creative project manager for the past 8 years, and there is no one more seasoned in what it takes to build a successful product.

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Rami Atassi

Content Strategist

Rami's passion for learning and teaching flows through to everything he does. As our Content Strategist, he works closely with our clients and partners, guiding them through nuances of digital content development. When projects become deep and complex, Rami brings the focus and clarity needed to keep things simple.

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Rami Atassi Analytics Certified