Marty Vernon Digital Strategist
Numbers don’t lie. Robert Vernon

Co-founder/Strategic Director

In the 22 years that Marty has been selling and helping other businesses sell, he has learned as much from failure as he has from success. In fact, he likes to say that failures have been his favorite teachers. They’re like grains of sand in an oyster that can often produce more pearls than our successes.

Working in traditional environments, like retail and medical sales, also taught him that tried-and-true sales practices have their place but they are just a starting point. He challenges our team and our clients to move past doing things one way just because that’s the way they’ve always been done.

Marty's greatest strength lies in the relationships that he develops with our clientele. He is personable, attentive and easygoing, and he treats our clients like treasured friends instead of customers. He has a genuine interest in the success of each project and takes an objective approach to ensure a good fit for each prospect regardless of if that is with EDUCO or not.

When he is not working you can find Marty hanging out with his wife and chubby cat or taking self-guided photo tours all over the city whenever possible.

Fun Facts

Amateur photographer
Plays the didjeridoo

Marty Wants to Learn

Surf Board
Ninja stealth