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3 Principles of Effective Web Design

Content Development

Content First

Content is more than just words on a page. Good web design starts with structured content. Before we design your website, we plan, structure, and develop your web content.
UX/UI Design

User Focused

Websites are meant to be used. That's why good web design is more than just look and feel. Our website design services account for every aspect of how people use a website.
App Development

Mobile Responsive Design

Every EDUCO website is mobile responsive. We deliver a single website that scales to any screen — desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, and everything in between.
Web Design Process
Web Design Services

Like many professional web design companies, we've developed our process over time. Once we hit our 300th site, we started to see what really works. Our design process includes content, style, and user experience.

We express these concepts through concrete design deliverables. We define content with content modeling. We define style with mood boards. And we define user experience with wireframes.

Content Modeling

Keyword Research
Content Templates
Photos & Graphics

Mood Boards

Website Style Guide
Define Look & Feel
Colors & Fonts
Navigation & User Experience


Black & White Page Layouts
Prioritize Content
Plan User Experience
Define Architecture