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Programming Languages

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Decoding Web Development at EDUCO

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Open Source

Our team focuses on open source platforms like Drupal and Wordpress. We customize and extend the platform based on your needs. With a strong foundation, your site can grow and scale with your business.
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Agile Development

We plan and prioritize your website features your Project Backlog. Then, we build, test, and demo features for you. Every stakeholder gives input and feedback on the build — no surprises.


We manage all your project information in our myEDUCO Portal. It's the single source of truth for your website build. Discover the peace of mind that comes with an expert development process.

Web Development Portfolio

With over 430 sites built, our web development portfolio includes a wide range of industries and project types.

See how our clients succeed with EDUCO Development.

How much development time do you need?

Creating your scope is the first step in planning a web project. Think about what kind of website you have — or want to create. What's the purpose of your website?

EDUCO web projects fall into three categories: marketing site, enterprise platform, and eCommerce. Of course, your site might be a hybrid of these. But they provide a good starting point for thinking about website scale.

Here's a guide to the different types of web projects. Where does yours fit in?

Marketing Website

Generates Leads
Monthly Content Updates
Mailing List Integration
Limited Users & Roles

Enterprise Platform

Generates Leads
Weekly or Daily Content Updates
Third Party Software Integration
Many Users, Multiple Roles

eCommerce Website

Generates Web Sales
Product Catalog
Shopping Cart & Checkout
Customer Accounts