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All About Website Planning with EDUCO



myEDUCO is our Drupal-based project portal. It simplifies communication between our teams. Our tools cover every aspect of the project: website planning, design, build, launch & support.
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Agile Method

We plan and prioritize your website features your Project Backlog. Then, we build, test, and demo features for you. Every stakeholder gives input and feedback on the build — no surprises.
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Testing & Quality Assurance

Our team tests every site feature extensively. Then, we demo the features for your team. After the demo, you click through each feature and provide feedback.
Agile Development: Learn the Language

When you work with EDUCO, you'll learn all about our agile process. Then, you can apply the agile mindset whenever you're working on a marketing project. Through agile, you'll realize better communication, more accurate specs, and improved delivery time.

Learning the language is the first step to understanding agile. Here's a quick overview.

Feature requirements are called user stories. They're framed to emphasize business value. Stories are split into tasks, which contain technical specs for developers. 

Stories and tasks are organized into development sprints. A sprint is a timeboxed effort in which our team completes specific stories. At the end of each sprint, our team gives a demo of all completed stories. Your team tests the stories and provides feedback on the experience.


Timeboxed Development Effort
2-3 Weeks Long
60-90 Development Hours
Ends With a Site Demo

User Story

Basic Feature Requirement
Statement of Business Value
Written by EDUCO & Client Team
Tested & Verified Before the Demo


Smaller Parts of a Story
Technical Spec for Developers
Written by EDUCO Project Manager
Tested & Verified Before the Demo