Google Core Web Vitals: What Does The Update Mean for Your Website?

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Web developers planning around table

Just when you think you know what Google wants from your website, they go and change the game. Recently, they announced that a massive ranking algorithm update will take effect in May 2021.

While we must admit these changes make web designers like us groan a little, we also recognize that their constantly rising bar makes for a better internet. 

So what does, “Core web vitals” actually mean? And more importantly, what does it mean for your website? 

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Working from Home During Quarantine: 8 Tips for Remote Working Newbies

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Remote working has been the norm for the EDUCO team for several years. As a tech-based company with employees spread across a hundred miles, most of our work is done from our homes. So, we thought we’d share some tips with you now in hopes that it can help your team get on the right path for as long as this lasts. 

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Setting Up Your Google Analytics: Data Retention Controls for GDPR

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GDPR Google Analytics Processing Data and Retention Controls

In preparation for this impending GDPR legislation, Google has been updating the terms and functionality of its services – in fact, you may have already received notification of certain changes. If you have a website running Google Analytics, you will need to accept the Data Processing Amendment in your Google Analytics account and update your Data Retention settings. I'll show you how.

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