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When it comes to your company's marketing, do you ever feel like you're building the car while driving it? Making things up as you go along is not the right approach for something as important as the way you portray your brand online. Content governance helps you take the time to standardize content creation to make your marketing strategy more engaging and effective.
There’s no shortage of lists that highlight black-owned restaurants and retail businesses, which is awesome, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of Chicago black-owned companies offering excellent professional services for other businesses.
Remote working has been the norm for the EDUCO team for several years. As a tech-based company with employees spread across a hundred miles, most of our work is done from our homes. So, we thought we’d share some tips with you now in hopes that it can help your team get on the right path for as long as this lasts.
This year our team spent New Years Eve and the first part of 2017 remote working from the Bahamas. In addition to ringing in the Bahamian new year our team was also celebrating the completed redesign of and working to capture some of the amazing experiences the Bahamas has to offer.
2016 New EDUCO Team Members
Allow us the pleasure of introducing our two newest team members who will help us round out our world class web design team... and our three-on-three pick-up games.