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What to Do About Google Maps Billing Requirement
In order to continue using the Google Maps service on your website, we will need to set up a Google Cloud Platform for your organization and generate a new API Key for your website. In this post we'll walk you through the steps.
Setting Up Your Google Analytics: Data Retention Controls for GDPR
In preparation for this impending GDPR legislation, Google has been updating the terms and functionality of its services – in fact, you may have already received notification of certain changes. If you have a website running Google Analytics, you will need to accept the Data Processing Amendment in your Google Analytics account and update your Data Retention settings. I'll show you how.
If there is only one thing we could change on our website to ensure our website would rank in Google it would be our Page Titles (also called Meta Titles or Title Tags). Writing custom Title Tags is the lowest effort - highest return work we can do on our site. Let's walk through how to easily make this part of our content strategy.
What Happens When a Project Goes On Hold?
Sometimes big changes happen during the middle of a project. If the changes are a barrier to progress, it may be time to put your project on hold.
Keeping Drupal SEO Friendly: 7 Steps to Improve Your Drupal SEO
Step up your Drupal SEO game with this 7-Point Drupal SEO Checklist. It guides you through everything you need to set up and tweak your Drupal site for SEO success.
How to Demo Your Software for EDUCO
Sometimes it's better to show than tell — that's why we love seeing you demo your software. If we've asked you to give us a demo, you'll need to download our meeting app ( in order to share your screen.
In this video we review how to manage the menus and navigation of your Drupal CMS.
Manage Your Google Analytics: Users, Roles & Permissions
Unfortunately, we speak with many prospective clients that have had a bad experience with their previous web design team. The causes are varied. However, the effect is the same, now the client is looking for a new web team that is unable to access web related properties or other accounts that were setup by the previous web designers. Whatever happens to your web team you should own your website and it's data. Learn how to set up and own your valuable Google Analytics data.
In this video we'll review different node types and how to create them using Drupal.
In this video we review how to manage the users of your Drupal CMS as well as how to manage their roles and permissions. We'll also walk through adding a new user in your Drupal backend.
In this Drupal training video will be reviewing how to use content blocks, manage them and apply content blocks to specific pages of your Drupal site.
In this Drupal training video will be showning you how to use the easy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to help you create and manage content on your Drupal site.