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2016 New EDUCO Team Members
Allow us the pleasure of introducing our two newest team members who will help us round out our world class web design team... and our three-on-three pick-up games.
It's hard to imagine Apple without Steve Wozniak or Back to the Future without Doc Brown, but many people and companies try starting without a tech co-founder. Here are some common questions I've gotten from these brave visionaries over the years and my best advice I've come up with so far.
New Client Spotlight:
We're proud to announce that EDUCO has been selected by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to redesign the website.
EDUCO Builds Project Management & Support Ticketing System
According to Elements of Project Management when it comes to project management 10-20% of projects fail, 30-40% of projects stall or go over budget. This leaves only 40-60% of projects that go according to plan and end up on time and on budget. Not ideal odds if you have an upcoming website redesign. To help resolve this uncertainty we have built our own website project management & support ticketing system.
New Client Spotlight: Housing Forward
We're proud to announce that EDUCO has selected Housing Forward as our charitable organization to receive $34,000 in web design and development services
Why EDUCO Might Not Be a Good Fit For Your Web Design Project?
In this post we asked two former EDUCO prospective clients what they thought about our team and why they chose to go in a different direction. Technically we asked more than two, but these were the only ones to respond.
Recap of DrupalCon LA 2015 with Photos and Favorite Sessions
This year, I was fortunate enough to attend DrupalCon in (partly) sunny LA. It was a great opportunity to reinvigorate my passion for the platform and learn a thing or two about what's in the Drupal pipeline. I spent my time attending sessions primarily focused on Drupal 8 updates, project discovery and estimation, and providing the best possible service to Drupal clients.
If you're considering a website redesign and want to build a website that is sure to engage your audience here are some examples that are sure to help inform some of your features.
I often get asked by potential higher-ed clients, "what makes a good college website?" There are a few different criteria we used to judge the sites listed here, but in general, the most successful colleges are focused on building a great experience for their students online with rich, accessible program content and clear calls to action.
Lyndsey Kramer, Director of Business Development for Digital Third Coast, stops by to show us 8 simple ways that SEO and UX design can live together in harmony.
Top 8 Travel & Tourism Website Design Examples Built With Drupal
Trying to find Drupal web design inspiration can be a chore. When you narrow that down to specific industries and markets it can be even more time consuming. We want to free you up to do more important work.
Not For Profits need to examine their donation experience and consider if they receive few online donations because individuals just aren't that giving or if it is that their donation experience was built with free software and was not designed to make the donation experience a pleasurable one . If you're not sure where to start we can begin by looking through some fantastic donation experiences.