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Projects that come in on time and/or on budget are rare. This is because building complex websites is challenging even when we know all the people that are working on the project. When hiring a development agency for a complex project - one of the best outcomes we've seen, in our 10 years, is when clients start with Digital Discovery even before they officially hire a web team.
What makes a good university website? When you consider that most college websites exist for similar functions and goals, trends and patterns start to emerge. We've used our experience auditing, building, and analyzing websites to provide these 5 Pillars of Effective College Websites.
How We've Adopted Agile in our Web Development Process
In early 2015, we began evaluating and testing best practices from the Agile method.
It's hard to imagine Apple without Steve Wozniak or Back to the Future without Doc Brown, but many people and companies try starting without a tech co-founder. Here are some common questions I've gotten from these brave visionaries over the years and my best advice I've come up with so far.
For the past 3 years when attending conferences my team and myself get frequently complimented on our official EDUCO custom branded hoodies and track jackets.
Lyndsey Kramer, Director of Business Development for Digital Third Coast, stops by to show us 8 simple ways that SEO and UX design can live together in harmony.
Structure is the key to effective web content. But since structure doesn't come naturally to most of us, web content development can be challenging. Fortunately, it's easy to learn how to structure web content through content modeling. In this post, we'll show you how it's done.
Content Governance SlideShare Presentation
Imagine you were mayor of a town that had no formal work schedule, defined roles, or responsibilities — how would you get anything done or hold anyone accountable? While we can't imagine managing a city without a plan, this is a common problem for people who manage websites. Fortunately you can solve this problem by creating a content governance plan. In this post we'll show you how it's done.
What could be scarier than bad content? How about a night in the Overlook Hotel. This Halloween, we’re taking it way back to Kubrick’s horror masterpiece. Find out what The Shining can teach you about writing website content.
Learn how to create a sitemap that matters to your users. Follow this guide and you won't just make a better sitemap — you'll set the tone for building a truly thoughtful website.
6 Steps For Planning Your Website Content
Cate Conroy, Founder & Senior Content Strategist at Concentric Content Marketing, answers the big content question – "where do you start?"
Digital Governance: 6 Tips for Blissful Brand Management
Your website is a critical piece of brand equity. How can you claim ownership of your web properties and manage them effectively? In this post we outline what it takes to manage the ownership of your digital properties.