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EDUCO Builds Project Management & Support Ticketing System

2015 has brought a shift in focus for our team. Rather than chasing new business, networking events and conferences we decided to change our approach - Focusing on two factors:

  1. Provide reliable website planning for new clients.
  2. Standardize support for current clients.

We couldn't find a software platform that could satisfy both project management, and support ticket management and had an easy to use interface. So we decided to build myEDUCO, our own internal portal for project management and support ticketing software.

Provide Reliable Website Planning For Every Client

After almost a decade building websites we have learned project dynamics are constantly changing. Our client's primary point of contact sometimes changes as a resut of performance (good or bad), requested features almost always change or they increase in complexity, and projects constraints are often shifting in the work we do. Seeing this trend we wanted to standardize the way we intake information and the entire project planning experience. So we took a cue from our past experience and the agile methodology and built in:

  • The ability to create custom sitemaps and organize site content
  • Sprints to organize project phases and development work
  • A backlog with personas, and users stories to define the site features and needs
  • Tasks to include a definition of done so everyone understands the feature
  • Acceptance tests to make sure nothing gets missed
  • Ability to highlight new requests that are outside of the original scope

Standardize Ongoing Web Support

After the site goes live and our relationship changes to more of a support role we want the ongoing relationship to be just as streamlined as the original build. We also wanted to provide our clients with:

  • 24 hour support
  • Routine maintenance
  • Detailed reports of how their hours are being used
  • Ability to have robust comments and conversations around support requests and the work we're doing together

We wanted to do this all in our own portal. After almost a decade of building and supporting websites, inheriting and supporting websites built by other companies, and trying 3rd party project management software/support ticketing systems and feeling unimpressed - We've been inspired to build our own Client Support Center that could provide:

  • An easy to experience to keep clients and our team members up to date on every project at any moment
  • A streamlined support ticketing system for clients with an existing website

myEDUCO is our client resource center that not only will accommodate the initial website build (3-5 months), but will also help us provide support for the entire life of their website (3-5+ years).

We'll be rolling new features out over the next year and highlighting new features in our blog. If you'd like to learn more you can check out the overview of our website support ticketing software.

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