2016 New EDUCO Team Members

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No, we're not starting a band. Although. No, no.

We simply wanted to introduce our two newest band members Andy Madden and Curt Rochon. 

Andy Madden

Web Designer

Andy loves to take a hands on approach to his work, making sure to roll up his sleeves to get right into the thick of it all. He has over a decade of experience in design, cutting his teeth in large format advertising and environmental design, working with some of the biggest Fortune 100 companies in the world.

Design details matter to Andy and lucky for you he is baked in to our web design process.

Curt Rochon

Production Manager

Curt's background is in film, video, and audio/sound design and has been working as a DP and gaffer in San Francisco for the past few years. He is a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and has over 8 years of experience in studio and managing teams.

Whether it's lighting design, audio/video design or web design, Curt is the person you want on the scene.

Looking Forward

We're so excited to have them join us on our quest to build great products. We've been holding off for exactly the right people and, serendipitously, opportunity knocked. Curt has been a close friend of EDUCO's for 7 years and Andy for 20+ years. When you bring people like Curt and Andy into the mix great things are sure to develop. 

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