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TPAN was founded to help save lives and empower those affected by AIDS/HIV and related illnesses. They came to us with multiple legacy websites that were suffering from an outdated content strategy, bloated content and no clear content governance plan. They also wanted to clearly distinguish their client services website (TPAN) from their online publication (Positively Aware PA). We redesigned TPAN & PA, to help distinguish the brands and better structure their content and resources. For TPAN specifically, we focused on clarifying and standardizing their client services and streamlining their online donation experience.

A few facts about TPAN*

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What They Needed

  1. Content Strategy & Governance
  2. Improved Donation Experience
  3. Scalable Web Architecture + Ongoing Support

Measurable Results from Day One...

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Digital Brand Standards

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UX/UI Design

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Digital Strategy

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